OwnPhones are custom made to be the best-fitting, best-sounding, most versatile earphones you’ve ever worn. Period.


    “I think there's a chance i've met my new best buds”

    Leslie Katz CNET

    Your pair of OwnPhones will be your very own.

    Your Fit earbuds are custom designed and fitted to stay in your ear – no matter your activity or workout.


    Each pair is 3D printed for you, based on a scan of your ears using your OwnApp.


    Walk into a party talking to Siri with your magic earbuds like Joaquin Phoenix flirting with robo-Scarlett Johansson in Her.

    Adam Clark Estes, Gizmodo

    How it works

    Using the OwnPhones app, Users upload a short video scan of their ears

    OwnPhones servers will convert your video to 3D data and 3D print custom-fit earbuds

    Select your favorite design, color and tech


    Printed just
    for you

    We 3D print your OwnPhones to give you a one-of-a-kind earbud that offers a precise fit down to the millimeter

    What people are saying


    The sound will be fantastic (“dual driver, balanced armature, premium sound”), which will be helped along because they’ll fit so well, preventing low frequencies from leaking out.

    David Pogue, Yahoo!





    The amazing fit of OwnPhones isn’t their only innovation. They’re also wireless! The earbuds are integrated with Bluetooth 4.0 technology, so there’s no cord to get tangled and no plugs to fumble with as you enjoy them. So, feel free to rock out, work out, dance around and just do whatever. OwnPhones gives you the freedom you need without the restrictions of a cord.



    Using red and green LED lights, the OwnStatus feature can let your OwnPhones communicate for you. A red light tells people around you “Leave me alone,” and a green light says “Let’s chat.”


    Versatile Advantage

    With OwnPhones, there’s no need to buy one set of earbuds that you can use at home or while working out, and then another set for the car. OwnPhones can function ideally in any situation. You can use both earbuds when you want to listen to music, and use just one earbud when you need to concentrate on driving your car or riding your bike, Since you have two separate earbuds, the OwnPhones app allows you to push music to one ear and let the world in through the other. You’re in charge of what you want to hear.


    What’s included

    A hard case that charges


    Micro USB Y cable




    Tech specs

    • Speakers Impedance 16 Ohm; Sensitivity 100.5dB SPL /mW at 1kHz; Frequency Response 20-20000 Hz; Total Harmonic Distortion <3% (1KHz, 1mW)
    • Bluetooth 4.0, CRS chip with aptX.
    • Integrated Microphone, MEMS omnidirectional, Sensitivity -40 dB +3/-3 dB (1KHz, 0dB = 1V/Pa)
    • Full compatibility with Iphone 4S and up, Androids phones with LE hardware, Windows Phones with LE hardware.
    • Battery life: 5-6 hours play time; 4-5 hours play time using advanced soundscaping; 140 hours standby.
    • Charging port: Micro USB
    • Charging time: 1.5 hours.
    • 1 Year Warranty.